Jewel Deals

Sorry guys, we’re a little off schedule this week and I don’t have tons of time to do Jewel but here are a couple of goodies from some readers:

* Buy 9 boxes of Capri Suns on sale for 2/$4
Receive $10 catalina
9/$8 after catalina. Roll those RRs, go on now! LOL. This is part of the Kraft deal catalina and expires 4/2/09. There are now reports that this ended 3/21/09.
Thanks, Alissa and Anne!

*Buy any combination of Kellog’s Fruit Loops, Mini Wheets, Pop tarts, Corn Pops, rice Krispie treats on sale for 10/$25. If you buy 10, it’s another $10 off the bill!
There’s also a catalina with this – purchase between March 20 and April 12th…buy 3 boxes, get one gallon free milk! Buy 5 boxes..get two free gallons, buy 7 or more boxes, get 3 gallons free!
This is the PERFECT time to buy 10 boxes of cereal and get 3 gallons FREE milk. Says….any brand, any flavor up to $4.69 a gallon! This is a good time to buy your favorite organic milk that is so expensive.
Buy 10/$25
Get $10 back
Get 3 gallons of milk!
Final cost: 10/$15 with 3 gallons of milk!
Thanks, Kim!

Bear in mind there are tons of kelloggs coupons out there right now which could make some super cheap cereal and free milk. Plus, another good way to roll RRs or cheese money!

Mega Meat Sale 3/19-3/21

  • Perdue Whole Roaster .88lb
  • Butterball Turkey Breast Bone In $1.88lb
  • Jewel Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.98lb
  • Blue Ribbon Beef Saratoga Rib Eye Steak $5.88lb
  • Signature Tilapia Fillets $5.98lb
  • Jewel Fresh Cut Steakhouse Choice Premium Angus Beef Boneless Eye of Round Roast $2.88lb
  • Fresh Jewel Cut Top Loin Pork Roast $2.98lb

Don’t forget that you can get free money there by using your tax money to buy GCS. Info here.

Jewel gas rewards info here.
To obtain coupons, you can check out my coupon bar here.
There is also a great service where you can buy coupons for super cheap. Check it out here.

Gathering deals for the Grocery Gathering.

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