Jeopardy for Wii $4.99 + FREE Ship

I just snagged Jeopardy for Wii from Best Buy for $4.99 and Hubs is gonna be delighted. It came with free ship to store and they’ve also got Jeopardy Nintendo DS and Wheel of Fortune for both the Wii and Nintendo DS for $4.99 also. If you’ve never played them these are great for family gatherings or a last minute Christmas gift! Head through Ebates to make money back on your purchase. I just made 2.5% back and if you’re new you’ll get $10!

Jeopardy Synopsis

You choose Potent Potables for $800, and the familiar sound means that it’s a Daily Double. Alex asks you what you would like to wager. Knowing you have a slim lead over the champion, you decide to go for broke. “I’d like to make it a true Daily Double, Alex.” The crowd gasps and Alex reads the clue. As the words hit your ear, you immediately know what the correct answer — or question — is. “Who is Henry Ford?” you answer confidently. Your score doubles and you now have a commanding lead over the champ with only Final Jeopardy to go. Will you become the returning champ?


  1. Did I miss where you posted the specifics on this deal? Where to find it? what store?

  2. Was there a link for this? On my kindle, I Don’ t see a link.

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