jcpenney: New Fair And Square Strategy Starts 2/1/12

Beginning today, February 1, JC Penney is launching it’s new pricing strategy called Fair and Square, which includes three types of prices:

  1. Everyday
  2. Month-Long Values
  3. Best Prices, jcpenney’s lowest prices, which always happen on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month as jcpenney makes room for exciting new merchandise.

Rather than inundating the customer with a relentless series of sales, coupons, rebates and retail gimmicks, jcpenney will host 12 promotional events each year, on a monthly calendar. Each month will include even better values on the things customers are looking to buy during the month and a host of exciting products and services that are unique to the month.

This is an exciting development for me as a self-proclaimed non-Kohl’s shopper due to the vast amount of sales, coupons and rebates you need to get what I can get at other stores for regular price. If you’re like me this news is a breath of fresh air!

According to CEO Ron Johnson, “We want customers to shop on their terms, not ours. By setting our store monthly and maintaining our best prices for an entire month, we feel confident that customers will love shopping when it is convenient for them, rather than when it is expedient for us.”

The Company will begin the transformation of the jcpenney shopping experience on February 1, with the implementation of its new logo, pricing strategy and monthly cadence, including new in-store signage reflecting true price clarity as well as edited merchandise assortments for the monthly store set. In addition Ellen DeGeneres has a new role as jcpenney’s brand partner.

Then, beginning in August of this year, jcpenney will begin a month-by-month, shop-by-shop strategy to update all stores with new and exciting merchandise and presentation.


  1. I’m very happy about this as well! I’ll definitely be shopping there to show my support for this new policy. I hope Kohl’s will follow suit!


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