Jansma’s Farm Stand

I cover a little national and a little bit of local in my things and this definately counts as the latter. I love love love Jansma’s in Lansing on Ridge between Torrence and Burnham. They have the best fresh produce and it’s soooo cheap too! A reader, Stacie, also commented, “Jansma’s usually have their yellow/red/orange peppers really cheap, around 2/$1! Right now they have a lb of strawberries for $1 and I hear they are very sweet and tasty!”

What local places do you frequent? Where are the best farm stands by you? Please leave a comment and let us all know!


  1. Anonymous says:

    You would love Marks Produce. It is on Indianapolis in East Chicago. It is down past the White Castle and Walgreens. You can get a huge box of produce for about $10.

  2. My husband and family owns the Red Barn on Glenwood- Lansing Rd. in Lansing. They are open in late April- early June with flowers and early July-Oct. 31 with fruits, veggies, pumpkins, etc. They get their corn picked fresh every morning and it’s the best! Everything else is incredibly fresh too!

  3. To Anonymous: can you tell me the exact name of Marks Produce? If that is the name, please ell me the nearest cross-street to the place. I can’t find it in the phone directory, and did not find it when driving in that area today. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry. Mark’s Produce is in Whiting, not East Chicago. I never found a phone number either. It is on Rt 41, just north of the White Castle on the left side. It is about the size of a small garage and you walk through single file but the prices are so worth it.
    Here is what I brought home for $18 a while back, plus they carry it to your car! I would have spent $50 on all this at Jewel!!! I am sure it is hit and miss on what they have on any certain day. The place is always packed!

    2 red onions
    2 white onions
    20 oranges 10 for $1
    10 tangerines or nectarines? $1
    4 red apples 69 cents a lb
    4 yellow apples 69 cents a lb
    4 pears 69 cents a lb
    green grapes 49 cents a lb
    red grapes 49 cents a lb
    1 jicama
    3 tomatoes
    1 head lettuce
    1 cauliflower
    2 cukes
    5 gr peppers $1
    2 poblano peppers
    4 zucchini
    6 beets

  5. Moon Rani says:

    Gail, thank you!

  6. Rachael says:

    I love Remus in Hobart on Ridge Road! They are open year round and they have Amish butter and cheese, raw local honey. Prices are good, but whats even better they have coupons! They have a website you can print them from. http://www.remusfarms.com

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