I’ve got some AWESOME news!!!

No, it’s not belly-related! It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a little while and have been talked into by a couple of good friends and my hubby! For those of you in the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana area, I’m going to be doing some training classes! I know I have the blog but it’s sooooo much easier to explain all these tips in person and have a chance where people can ask questions. I’ve had emails from a couple of you as to how things work and just being able to explain it face-to-face and answer all your questions would be really beneficial.

Here’s why you should come: My grocery bill for my family of 3 (including my son’s food and diapers) is only $50/week. Come learn some tricks and tips as to how I do it and how you can too!
The class will cover: Where and how to get free items, how to coupon wisely without spending hours doing it, how to rebate to receive household items for free, how to stock up on sales, and more.
I have cut several people’s grocery bills significantly through my tips, so come, ask questions, and learn how to both save money and become a savvy customer.
There will be lots of time at the end for questions and answers too so I make sure everyone understands it and can cut their bills too.
Need more incentive? There will be prizes from the stockpile that I’ll be giving out to some people during our Q&A session at the end. :>)
Still debating? Here’s what some people had to say:

Clair and I have been great friends for many years. When she started this website, I thought to myself, does she really have that much to say about getting deals? Well, she has proven my thoughts wrong ten times over! I personally have now saved my family so much money with Clair’s help. I used to spend so much money on my grocery bill and so I decided to take the Clair challenge and try to spend about $50 a week. I probably have now cut the bill in half and feel so much better about how I am spending our money. It has also been nice to talk to Clair in person to get her input on things. I love the website, but sometimes I need Clair to explain things and then it’s much easier for me to understand how you can save the most! Thanks Clair for all your help! –Rebecca S., New Lenox

Mummy Deals has helped me out tremendously over the past months. Sometimes it seems like trying to save money can be more of a hassle than a help, but Clair makes it so easy and doable. I look forward to daily e-mails from her so that I can find all of the great new deals that apply to me. If you’re looking to save even the least amount of money, Mummy Deals’ training is the place to go.” Lori C., Merrillville

I’ve been a faithful follower of www.mummydeals.org for several months, but being able to spend just a short amount of time with Clair cleared up any questions I had about getting the best deals around. Now I’ve picked up so many items for free (or just pennies) that my biggest problem is where to store it all! Thanks, Clair!”Lori O., Munster

I love reading Mummy Deals blog everyday. I have saved so much money and have received so many tips and free stuff. This blog is great because it helps me to shop smart. This is a must read if you are a stay-at-home mom and you only have one income. Clair does the work for you and searches out the best deals in town. This blog is a lifesaver! Lynda J., Griffith, IN

Clair would tell me about the great deals she would always find but I didn’t quite understand how she did it until one night I went to Walgreens with her and she showed me how easy it was. I have 2 in diapers and that night we got diapers for $2 a pack. Clair had me hooked! I recommend her training to everyone who wants to save money! Jen B., Dyer, IN.

I have really been able to stretch our budget with the info I’ve gotten from Clair over these past several months!! I especially appreciate how she is willing to answer my questions and explain things in person too. The things I have learned from Clair have helped ease the stress of these crazy times! Thanks Clair!!” Tina H.,

So where can you find me? Well, you gotta be quick if you want to catch me in Highland!

Thursday, Jan. 29th from 7-8:30 pm at the Lincoln Center 2450 Lincoln St., Highland, IN 46322. Cost: $25. Please call: 219-838-0114

Thursday, Feb 26th from 7-8:30pm at the new Centennial Park in Munster. Fees: $25 Residents/$30 Non-residents. Please register at Munster Town Hall (1005 Ridge Road.) For further information, please call (219) 836-PARK.

I’d love to see all of you there! Thanks!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you thought about videoing your sessions for those of us who don’t live in your area? Pretty please! : )

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