ITEM PULLED: Graco Infant Car Seat Boot and Blanket for $1.10 SHIPPED!

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This is a crazzeee deal! has the Graco Infant Car Seat Boot and Blanket for $1.10 shipped! That’s unbelievavle! Go to here and then search “Graco Infant Car Seat Boot” and it will come up first on the list. I’m not sure it’ll get to your house for Christmas with the standard shipping that comes with it but one thing is for sure: This is gonna make a FAB baby shower gift for less than $1.50!!! I just ordered mine.


  1. when I did it, it came up as 24.98 am I doing something wrong here?

  2. my order was cancelled!

  3. Brooke Evonne says:

    I ordered one this morning and the person selling them canceled the order this afternoon 🙁 I wasn't given a reason why.

  4. I have searched the website up and down and can't find it. Do you have a direct link to it?

  5. It is not showing just the boot blanket for me just an accessory kit for $14.99. 🙁

  6. Looks like it one one that they fit into rather than on top of the car seat. In which case it is a No Go for car seat safety. There should be NOTHING between baby and the car seat, such as this blanket. It creates a space that can be compressed in the case of an accident leaving room for baby to move or even be ejected. It also makes it difficult to line up the shoulder straps with their shoulders to see the height. Definitely NOT a good idea for your car seat. It is NOT safe. Please don't use any after market car seat products. They aren't tested for safety and most are safety hazards, often warranties and such are void if you use them too.

  7. They are $14.99 now 🙁

  8. It did not come up for me.

  9. Mine is showing up as $14.99 with $9.99 shipping?? How did you do it?

  10. I tried it but it said it was 14.99????

  11. It is showing up as 14.99 for me. How did you get it down to 1.10? Are you using a special code?

  12. It's coming up at $14.99.

  13. They cancelled my order this afternoon as well. Must have realized how cheap it w as! Stink!

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