It Pays to Ask!

My mother in law just sent me this little note that I thought was cool:
We decided to have our air conditioner checked out so I made a call to company X to make an appointment. The girl answered and we set up a date. “Do you accept competitor coupons?” rolled off my tongue. I had checked and this company didn’t have any offers out there, but I had another company’s coupon for $10 off. She was taken aback, “No one ever asked that before; I thought we had the lowest prices. I’ll have to ask my boss.” She came back and said they would as long as it was a current coupon. Hhhhmmmm, the coupon I was looking at expired 6-30-09 and my appointment was early in July. I did find another for 10% off, which would have been less. However, this week I opened my free little paper and again found the $10 off, good until 7-15-09! They honored it! So it pays to ask!!!!!!!!!!

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