Isaac’s Monster Jam Party

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Want to throw a Monster Jam party for your little guy or girl? When Isaac was 3 we threw him a fun Monster Jam party and here’s how we did it complete with Monster Jam games, snacks and a Monster Jam cake.

It all started when we saw Monster Jam in Chicago for the first time. The headphones are pretty cute right??

We had a blast and as we went on the Friday night and his party was Saturday we decided Monster Jam and monster trucks was the theme.

Monster Jam Food Ideas

We served a main dish of bbq pork sandwiches (pork must have been on sale that week for around $1.50/pound!) and chips. Then we filled the table with oreo cookies (wheels), crueller donuts (more wheels) and anything else round we could think of!

Monster Jam Games

Car Races

We gave the kids each a plastic bag and sent them in the basement where we’d hidden cars all over. If you’re playing with older kids, the winner is the one with the most cars. We were dealing with preschoolers so there are no winners and losers!!!
After they’d found cars we asked them each to pick their favorite and then we had races down a ramp we created out of a piece of laminate and a box.

Tire Throwing

It helps that my Husband works at a trucking company but try and get ahold of two tires and have the kids try and throw balls into them like ring toss. If the kids are older have them try and wheel the tires/push them around.

Monster Jam Racing

Our friends have the same quad as us so we borrowed theirs and had races! We taped the basement floor with blue tape and had a starter guy and a finish line. Super fun!

Monster Jam Decorations

I made flags out of black card and chalk and we hung them all over.  Plus some dollar store decorations we bought that were monster truck themed.

Monster Jam Cake

Tim and I make a great team and it’s pretty apparant when we make birthday cakes for the kids!  I have zero patience and find decorating impossible and he can’t bake to save his life so I bake cakes and frost them and he decorates!

This Monster Jam cake is made from 2 bread pans.  We used white cake and let both cool in the freezer wrapped in saran wrap overnight to help us frost.

We then cut out a piece for the top and then we frosted.  We made the Monster truck Superman so Tim drew the symbol on the back.

Finally we took crueller donuts as wheels and fixed those on with toothpicks.

We displayed it on a chopping board that we covered in foil and then frosted. After that we put oreo crumbles on to make it look like the real place.

And there you go: a do it yourself Monster Jam Party.

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