Is Udder Covers a Scam or a Great Deal?

I posted here about the amazing deal being run at Udder Covers for a FREE cover but you had to pay shipping. A bunch of you were giddy with delight but I got a comment from a reader who’d heard it was a scam. As I’d heard of it from somewhere reputable and have since looked into it, I was surprised. I googled and although articles came up, I struggled to find anything concrete either way. I even went to my go-to: (probably not the best place for this kind of thing but worth a shot!) In the middle of research I found this:their parent company Milk Bands LLC has an A rating at BBB and only 3 complaints. I guess I’m still undecided…..I’m not sure where all the claims came from but I just wanted you guys to be informed. I think $8.95 for a nursing cover is a good deal and although it may not be as nice as one of the $30, it won’t cost you that either!

Please let me know by leaving a comment if anyone has had any problems. I want to be careful whom I recommend….

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