"Is that the best you can do?" contest.

My girlfriend, Lisa emailed me this yesterday and I thought it was an awesome idea! So here’s what she said,

“Jason and I were going through our budget lately. I called three different monthly bill/service providers and simply said “We are looking to switch to a competitor, is that the best you can do?” Two of the three, gave me monthly credits! The final was our cell phone carrier, whom said that we were already getting a better deal (by $20 and month) than they could offer now.”

So here’s the challenge: Can you reduce your expenses buy asking your current providers “Is that the best you can do?”

Please leave a comment and let me know how much you saved and the person who saved the most will win a Yankee Candle BOGO on any large Housewarmer jar candles (Expires 9/28).

Contest will end Midnight on Sunday September 14th and I’ll send the coupon out to the winner next week.


  1. mom_of2boys says:

    I love Yankee Candles. I’ve been wanting one of the new scents – Cinnamon and Sugar.

  2. mom_of2boys says:

    Oops, I forgot to leave the amount I saved. I was with Time Warner a little over a year ago with the bundle deal – phone, internet and cable. The bill kept going up. Finally at $149 a month, I decided that I was going to cancel. They took me down to $79.95 a month for all three! It was awesome…I’ve since switched due to service problems.

  3. I always save calling my cable company also. After the “introductory” price is over in 6 months or a year, I call them and ask what they can do for me, they usually sign me up the the same deal I had, or in somes cases I have gotten it cheaper. From 60 dollars a month to about 30 to 35 a month.

  4. We save by using “Rabbit Ears”!!! We don’t have cable at all. We don’t use a dryer, or dishwasher, don’t have long distance and run our AC on 80 during the day. We also use a hot water heater timer so we only heat water 2 hrs. a day. I could keep going…we are determined to SAVE!!!

  5. realworldmartha says:

    We usually don’t have a Visa bill but some circumstances came up and we had a ongoing balance. I contacted them and go the percentage down from 14.9 to 9.9. This is a great savings until it gets paid off. And I don’t have to worry about all the issues that come with a balance transfer.

  6. 4 months ago I traded in our Ford family truck, it was getting too expensive having to fill up every 3 days, and was only getting about 13 miles to the gallon! Now I have a Chrysler Sebring and thankfully I’m spending way way less on gas, only have to fill up once a week and it gets about 23mpg 🙂

    kctst87 @live.com

  7. mylittleducks5 says:

    I recently called NIPSCO and told them I was sent an offer for a cheaper price "per therm" On our bill it ranged from a 143-175 per therm. When I called and told them that i was offered a 1.39 per therm with a contract. And with the price of EVERYTHING going up it sounded good. NIPSCO offered me a contract for one year at only 99 cents per therm. That will help me save and reduce my budget.

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