Introducing Tide Pods + Giveaway

I have a friend who upon remodeling their house installed two washers and dryers to get the job done for the six of them. What I found most interesting about this is they had to get the washer that automatically let the detergent in for you and then every six months (depending on your usage) you re-stocked the detergent and off it went again on filling itself. I had to laugh because they spent the extra money to have this feature because the children are in charge of the laundry and the mess they tended to make upon putting the soap in because it was to heavy. Roxanne and I had a discussion about how nice it would be if pre-measured packs were available how convenient they would be. Fast forward 2 years later and Tide has figured it out.

Tide Pods are pre-measured and ready to go. Tide Pods are also designed for easy use in any type of washer, with any size load. Simply place a pack into the drum of a front or top-loader before your items to be washed and experience the great clean you expect from Tide without the need to measure, pour or clean up messy spills.

– Get Small: Tide Pods offer the power of Tide in the palm of your hand, giving you the proper dose each time you do laundry. They are compacted to use less water than traditional detergents. Tide Pods packages also weigh approximately 50% less than comparable packages of liquid detergent – making them easier to carry and use!

– Get Multi: Tide Pods’ new, patented three chamber design helps to separate such ingredients as hard water modifiers, stain fighters, perfume and whitener so that they remain stable and potent and mix only in wash water. This allows the Tide Pods to deliver a deep-down clean in a range of conditions.

– Get Cold: 40% of Americans do their laundry in cold water more often than not in an effort to save time and money. In response to this, Tide Pods are made with a new, best-in-class film that dissolves and works effectively in all water temperatures – even in very cold water!


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Win It

I have partnered with Tide Pods to give one lucky reader the same full size sample that I received. You’re going to love these little guys! Simply fill out the rafflecopter form below to be entered.

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**Thank you to Tide for the sampling of this product and for supplying a giveaway prize. While I did receive a sample this did not affect my thoughts or opinion.**

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