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Laura (aka Lolli) never pictured herself raising her family in the Washington DC metro area. In fact, there’s a lot about her life as a mother of five kids, working part time as a photographer, and maintaining a busy blog that are completely different than what she pictured for her life in her mid-30s. But now, as she spends her days on the computer, her afternoons running kids around to activities and helping with homework, and her nights planning for cub scouts and supporting her husband in their business, she realizes that she couldn’t picture her life any other way. With her camera strapped around her neck, the van keys in her hand, and five kids tagging along behind her, she’s ready for anything.

On grocery budgeting:
When I am organized, I love to plan my meals 2-4 weeks in advance and then shop for those meals. The problem is that I don’t always plan ahead. My favorite way to shop is to stock up on the weekly deals and then “shop” my at-home pantry for foods that I need for recipes. My food budget went out the window a year ad a half ago when we went through an extended period of time without an income. It’s hard to budget zero. And now it’s hard to get back into good habits!

Better in Bulk

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I am a mom of three ages 3-7. I moon-light as an RN once a month, and my husband coaches football at a local university. If those things don’t keep me completely occupied I also blog about how I survive life in what I call a “Rukus”. I offer some parenting tips along the way and try to incorporate humor and lots and lots of pictures as I learn how to use my DSLR camera.

On getting back on the frugal bandwagon: I have been couponing off and on for the past two years. Right now is an off time so I look forward to this challenge as it will get me back on the band-wagon!

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I’m Mandy and also known as the “TrenchMommy” over at my blog titled From The Trenches Of Motherhood. I am the wife of a pastor, mother of 3, and an avid reader. When I’m not cooking, cleaning, baking, or organizing, you will find my reading…and blogging about it! I write about all my reading adventures, thoughts, and recommendations on my book review blog – To Read, Or Not To Read.

On a Budget: “I have lived on a budget since I was 6 years old and been faithful with my budget as a married woman, but am seeking ways to make my budget work a little harder for me and stretch a little farther!”

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Hello! My name is Allison, a slightly OCD momma (yes, you do have to eat M&Ms in pairs of matching colors) who blogs over at Alli ‘n Son. I’m the momma of one spunky, energetic, and often frustrating two year old boy. We are up to our knees in potty training, but enjoying every second of it. Well, most of the time. I’m also a wanna-be photographer, gourmet chief and highly creative woman, all rolled into one.

On the Challenge: I’m so excited to be part of the 90-Day Budget Boot Camp. As a stay-at-home mom, we’re always keeping a close eye on our budget and looking for ways to cut back, without cutting out. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us!

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Kristina is chief cook and bottle washer to her husband of five years, Paul and her three kids, Zahara, Roman, and Viviana. Ranging in age from one to four and a half (the kids that is, not her husband) she is busy and spends any possible free time blogging, reading and reviewing books at Mommy Literati, and writing.

On “good deals”: She is always looking for a good deal and sometimes that “good deal” gets her in budget trouble! Her weekly menu includes meals, but also enough for her husband to take for leftovers. She’d love to be better about couponing, but she just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

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I am wife to Lance & mother to Brayden (11 months), Georgia (4 year old English Bulldog), & Bella (crazy 3 year old albino boxer) & we are located in Georgia. We have a wonderful family but Lance & I have been striving to get ourselves on a good household budget for a while now & to really get a jump on saving more for B’s college & future. We have gone in circles about what things would work best for us but when it comes down to it we always tend to throw the budget out the window within a few days. Lance has recently started a new job with longer hours but more pay so I am actually going to be turning in my resignation very soon & becoming a SAHM & couldn’t be more excited about it! My plan is to get us on a very savings productive budget that still leaves room for family fun!

On her budget struggles: In the past I have tried to clip coupons but never ended up using them, I do try to do comparison shopping while I am out but I just end up picking up whatever most of the time, we are horrible at impulse spending especially on the weekends & Lance LOVES to eat out! He says it is because he knows that I am tired & it would just be easier on my but he doesn’t realize that most of the time I want to throw up when the check comes…………it is such a waste of money!! BUDGET is not a bad word it is a way of life that he & I both need to accept, embrace & learn to value! I am sure that once I am home full time I will find all of this a bit easier or at least have more time for it BUT I am going to give it my all for the next 90 days & hope that I am successful at each of the 12 challenges that are given!

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