Insider Deal at WAGS

Yahoooo, I’ve got an insider! Well, a WAGS employee that loves being frugal too so here’s a tip she just sent:

Walgreens has several of our regular Sally Hansen lip products on Mega Savers for 50% off during most of the month. Not sure exactly when they expire, but I think the mega savers are coinciding with the rebate book dates these days. Anyway, I believe it was last Sunday the coupon section of the paper had $1.00 coupons off any Sally Hansen lip products. The regular prices for some are $6.99 and $5.99, so 50% off of the $6.99 products plus the $1. coupon bring it down to $2.49. The $5.99 lip products would be $1.99 with the coupon. I’m not sure if it is all lip products, but I know the mega savers are for most of the lip products.

Thanks, Chris!


  1. A NICE Walgreens employee! That's great. Today at my Walgreens (30 & 41), Crest ProHealth was on clearance for 95 cents. First, the checker told me she had to get permission to allow me to buy more than 2! Then, she refused to take my $1 coupons or even price adjust them. Then the manager came, and while he did allow it, he was extremely rude and told me "you people are just getting around the system." Um, excuse me? I told him the system was set up by his store FOR A REASON! And I do NOT coupon unethically. He said it's not unethical, it's just getting around the system. I am appalled.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was at walgreens today. Although I was able to get some really good deals, I continually have problems with using coupons at their stores as well. I has the Glucerna $10 of coupon and the cashier refused to take it so I had her call a manager which he went ahead and approved it. Then I had problems using the RR’s. I love walgreens and love the tips I get on this site but sometimes when it takes you a long time to check out with all the problems. Thanks for all that you do! I love getting great deals.

  3. popoloco says:

    I’ve had plenty of trouble at Walgreens too, but if you chase it down to corporate it seems to help. I had a very rude cashier that told me I was committing coupon fraud trying to use a $2 off of a 1.99 item. I asked her to adjust the coupon down and she wouldn’t. After an email to the walgreens website, I got a call from the local manager saying that the employee was wrong, most of the time they just accept the coupon, and if they have to, they can adjust the coupon to match the item price, no fraud involved. I suggest going through corporate to talk to your local manager about their coupon policy (it seems every one is different) and getting their name to reference with cashiers in the future.

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