In Honour of People Who’ve Helped Me Out: Burleigh Hines

Credit: CBS2Chicago

I’ll never forget my first day as an intern at CBS News Chicago. I was introduced to Burleigh Hines who promptly told me, “You’re not answering the phones like an intern, you’re going to trail me!” For the next 6 weeks I walked behind him, learned his journalism tricks and watched as he interviewed people. More than that I watched how he showed people he really cared. Burleigh made a deep impact on me as I saw him treat people with the utmost respect and care. He genuinely had a love for people. He attended our wedding and became a friend of Tim and mine.
Probably my next favourite memory of my time at CBS was meeting Dutchie Carey. As we walked out of her amazing penthouse suite, she slapped my bottom and told me “You’re a great girl and you’re gonna make a great journalist!” Me being the new-to-America Brit I was had no idea who she was (my only clue was a huge photo of Harry in her living room which was vaguely familiar to me!) but watched the way Burleigh interacted: always with interest, always with respect. I found out that he passed away this week and it made me think of him and how proud he’d be of me right now if he could see this. Finally I’m using my journalism and last time I checked I was a full time Stay at home Mum!!

Another such sweetheart is Jessica Smith of Jessica Knows fame. Unfortunately for her when she told us during one of her Blogher09 workshops that she was available to help anyone who asked she didn’t reckon on me! Fortunately for me she’s also a sweetie and has been an invaluable source of PR help as I navigate my way around social media. This time I’m going to make sure you know how much I appreciate all you’ve done!


  1. Kathryn and Kevin says:

    Burleigh Hines. His name is a real blast from the past! Sad to hear that he passed away. Do you know what he died from? Click on my e-mail link and either leave a comment on my blog with your answer or you should be able to access my e-mail from my "about me" on the blog? Thanks; so love your site. It really has helped me to save money.

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