If You Need Me….

If you need me…………..I’ll be here for right now.
……With him (yes, he’s THAT smokin’ hot in real life too!)
……Definitely him.

…And of course him.Yes we’ll be doing some of the above but I’m sure like you we’re just enjoying the summer. It came to my attention this weekend over the long lazy weekend we had that I was exhausted. Not just tired. Plain ole exhausted. Maybe it’s because I have a busy 3 year old and a 6 month old. Maybe coz I didn’t take more than 2 weeks off after Chase was born. Maybe coz I’ve been running hard. Or maybe simply because I’m a Mummy!

Please understand that until around 7/18/11 I won’t be on here much. I’m just sticking around and enjoying my kids (and that hot guy I mentioned earlier!) I’m sure not many of you are planning on couponing too much so I know I won’t be missed. I’ve left a few fun links for you when you need stuff but for now I bid you farewell and I’ll see ya real soon. There’s gonna be stuff on here so you’re not abandoned but we need a little break. I hope to see ya when I get back in a few days!


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