If You Could Help Out a Great Cause for Free, Would You?

With all the things flying around Facebook last week about breast cancer, it made me think of this website and how through 3 seconds a day of your time will mean their sponsors help fund mammograms.  Maybe last week’s campaign got us all talking about this problem, hopefully what my friend Nat has to say below will get us moving!

“Every day, I receive an email that reminds me to visit this website, and fund a mammogram. The site is www.thebreastcancersite.com and by clicking the “Click here to give” button on their site, I am helping a mother, sister, aunt, best friend. Because the reality is, not everyone can afford a mammogram. And while I’ve heard they’re not exactly pleasant, they do help in the detection of breast cancer, which steals lives every day. It only takes a few seconds (literally, 3 seconds) and sponsors fund the mammograms. There is also a gift shop that I love to browse, with great items to remind women to do self exams, and to visit the doctor annually.

There is a link on the website where you can sign up for a daily reminder, that comes right to your inbox to help you remember every day!”

I would love it if you could help me spread the word about The Breast Cancer Site. Last year their numbers was down so let’s give them a great start to 2010.  My Grandma had breast cancer and every time I go to the doctor and have to let them know that she did, it makes me sick that we don’t yet have a cure for it.  I often say “If I was in charge I’d put the top 20 minds in one room for a year until they gave us a cure!”  Thankfully (especially for Hubs) I’m not in charge but I’d love to see a cure for this rampant disease and as a frugalite if there’s something I can do for free I’m gonna do it.  To put “my money” where my mouth is I just signed up for daily emails. Will you join me?

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