If Stodgy Is The New Sexy

This post brought to you by Stodgy Is Sexy. All opinions are 100% mine.

I make bread from scratch.
I cook all our meals from simple basic ingredients and when we do go out we coupon, Groupon, or drive thru somewhere cheap.

I take my kids to free events like the Home Depot Kid’s Worskhop or free days at museums.
Our idea of a day out involves parks, walks in the forest preserve, or a swing set at a friend’s house.

I like to vend movies as opposed to getting them from a store and if I buy them I buy them used.
You probably won’t catch us at a regular price movie as we’re more often in line for a matinee or waiting until it goes to video.

I recycle things, clothes, exercise equipment and even toys by donating and make sure I get my tax deduction.
In turn I garage sale, thrift shop and have even been known to garbage pick a couch and some furniture.

I’d never pay full price for kid’s clothes when they last 3 months.
In fact I usually don’t pay full price for anything.

My idea of a treat is $4 flowers from a local supermarket.
My hubby’s idea of a treat is a $2 shake or store-bought donuts.

We paint our own walls, tile our own floor and try our hands at plumbing.
We mow our own grass, rake our own leaves and clean our own house.

I coupon, meal plan, and watch our grocery bill carefully.
We re-heat leftovers, stretch takeout over a couple of days and brown bag lunch.

I do mail in rebates, loyalty cards, store cards and even drugstore rebates just to get a good deal.
We’ve amassed tons of toiletries and what we don’t need I donate to charity.

If frugal is the new black, then I’m really stylin’. If stodgy is the new sexy, then watch out baby!

In this day and age of a bad economy and, people are finding that Stodgy is Sexy. What do you do that makes you stodgy? Check out the website Stodgy is Sexy for other ways to save and my video on something else that makes me a little old school: A Recipe for Homemade Dishwasher Detergent.

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