If Only I Was a Lottery Playing Girl!

So ya’ll, if I was a lottery playing kinda girl I’d be out playing the lottery because apparantly I’ve got a winning streak going on. Nat and I got to attend the Ridermakerz party last night and it was a ton of fun. if you’ve never heard of Ridermakerz, you definiately should check them out. For me I always thought of them as Build a Bear for boys but it’s actually wayyy cooler! (And I discovered that it’s not just for boys!) It’s also not too expensive, only $16 for this cool car below.

Well first off I won the giveaway by 360Media which is a $299 Safety First car seat. How great is that? Then I got to pick out a car for Isaac which was a blast. They have all these cool models and you get to pick and choose what you want to go on it. Well they have a little peanut one which is a firetruck interchangeable with a tow truck and dump truck. He is gonna love it!
Yehaw! If only I was a lottery playing girl!!!


  1. AWESOME !!! Elijah would totally luv that.

  2. Look at you young lady!!! Wish you was my mummy winning loadsa things!!! Lucky Isaac!!
    From the REAL Mummy!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Good job on the winnings! Never heard of those cars…but my son would love it….going to check if they have it near here!

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