If Only I Was a Lottery Playing Girl!

So ya’ll, if I was a lottery playing kinda girl I’d be out playing the lottery because apparantly I’ve got a winning streak going on. Nat and I got to attend the Ridermakerz party last night and it was a ton of fun. if you’ve never heard of Ridermakerz, you definiately should check them out. For me I always thought of them as Build a Bear for boys but it’s actually wayyy cooler! (And I discovered that it’s not just for boys!) It’s also not too expensive, only $16 for this cool car below.

Well first off I won the giveaway by 360Media which is a $299 Safety First car seat. How great is that? Then I got to pick out a car for Isaac which was a blast. They have all these cool models and you get to pick and choose what you want to go on it. Well they have a little peanut one which is a firetruck interchangeable with a tow truck and dump truck. He is gonna love it!
Yehaw! If only I was a lottery playing girl!!!

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