I Wubba You More!

Last week we headed to Christmas Eve service at our church and as I was sitting there I was transported back in time to two years ago. My youngest son was just one week old when I put on my favorite outfit for him, and with my parents who were in town for his birth we headed to the service.

It wasn’t like any other day. Any other day I’d have been grateful if someone wanted to hold him. Any other day I’d have willingly let someone take him from me and give me a much needed new-Mum break. But not that day. That day I held him the whole service. Every time we stood to sing a familiar carol I grasped his tiny 7 day old life and cried. Tears of emotion, tears of hope, tears of joy.

This year as I held his little two year body, squirming and wanting to run free, I thought back. Back to that time when he was so little and so helpless. To the time when not only was he not able to leave me but he had no desire to.  He was snuggled and warm and happy. I thought back to over 2000 years ago as Mary grasped her baby Jesus in the same way and that song played through my head,

“Mary did you know that your baby boy would somehow walk on water?

Having a Christmas baby is weird. All I can think about is what it must have been like all those years ago to hold the hope of all the nations. What it must have felt like to know what she knew that her baby boy was extraordinary.

This year as Chase is two he’s starting to speak and chatters a lot. I tell him over and over, “we love you buddy!” and you know his response? From the minute he started talking his response was, “I wubba you mo!” That two year old voice so clear, so profound. To which I reply, “It’s not possible!” and he now responds, “Possible!”

As I thought about that this week and reflected I realized that it’s how God feels. We tell him “I Love you” and all I hear him saying is, “I love you more!”

Whatever you’ve done, whatever you’re hoping for, whatever you’re glad for, He loves you. Not just a little but lavishly, crazily, completely and more. More than you can ask or imagine. Way more than that.

He loves you.

Happy New Year Dear Reader, I pray it’s an awesome 2013!

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