I just made $2!!!

Yeah, I know, it isn’t a ton but for what I did, or rather the lack of it, it’s worth it!!! Plus, that was just last week and this week I can make more! There are tons of scams online so I try and wade through them for you and this one seems like a keeper! With the You Data program you make money when you view ads that are tailored to your needs. Last week I spent as long viewing ads as I did setting up an account and by the end of the week I was $2 richer! This week, the account is established and I just made a little more moolah in 10 seconds. Yup, I counted!

Every Friday they deposit the money made into my paypal account and there’s no minimum to cash out at. Nothing for you to do but click on the ads. In fact, they don’t even want a ton of personal info, just your age and sex. The advertisers won’t know you and nor will You Data, that’s how little you’re being spied on!

Its really easy and a quick way to earn a little extra cash. You won’t get rich at it, but it’ll buy me that Caramel Macciato I’m always hankering after. I’d appreciate it if you used my referral link to sign up, and then create your own link and invite your friends!

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