I have a button!!

Well, yippee skippee it only took me 5 hours to work out how to build a button that ya’ll could grab! So, take this HTML and if you pop it on your blog your friends can party with us AND you’ll get an extra entry into all 7 contests this week. Plus, someone better use it coz it took me a long time to make! LOL!!!

Here is the code:

Just grab it and then post in!


  1. jessica moore says:

    I have your button now – very cute!!

  2. I added your button to my blog.


  3. RockinMama06 says:

    Hiya, I am a new fan of your blog and I think the baby blogger pic is sooooo adorable so I thought I’d throw you a 2nd button together real quick, feel free to use it if you want: http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt153/rockinmamablog/mummydealsorg_button.jpg

    -RockinMama aka Jess
    Penny Pinch Plugs

  4. I got your new button!!
    love ut!

  5. icefairy says:

    Grabbed your cute button. Thank you!

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