I hate gmail

I’m so sorry if you’re in love with it but I hate it! Why can’t I organise things in there? Why are there no folders? I love Yahoo and think I can’t do the switch!!

Before I switch to Yahoo, does anyone have any Gmail advice for me? Is it easy to use? What is my problem! HAHA! Would you follow me to Yahoo??

Thanks for letting me moan!


  1. Hey Clair!
    I use both email services, myself. Instead of folders, you can label your messages and then archive them – it’s basically the same thing, it will keep everything with the same label in a folder.

    hope that helps!!
    one of the things I do like about gmail is that it keeps the messages as “conversations”.

  2. Bargain Briana says:

    You can set up something like folders – they call them labels, though. Then archive whatever you want and it is in that folder!

  3. Clair,

    Ben loves gmail! I’m more of a yahoo girl myself, but I have both accounts. I use the gmail account more for the less personal stuff. If you’d like to talk to Ben, we’ll be up there over Christmas! See you then!


  4. LOVE Gmail. If it ever goes away I will be very, very sad.

    I love the fact that I can search my mail for anything and it keeps everything together in conversations. Also, like previous commenters mentioned, you can put labels on email and filter it out that way.

    I also like the fact that I can send and receive mail from all of my gmail accounts from one sign in.

  5. I had a yahoo account for close to ten years then switched to gmail and haven’t looked back. in my opinion yahoos spam filters are terrible and my account got overloaded. gmail did take some getting used to but now I love it. I also love the calender feature, my boss uses it for our work schedule and we can all look at it and it automatically updates everyone if any changes get made. I’m a stickler for an organized inbox too and I only ever have the messages in there that I still need to get to.

  6. Clair,
    Come join the rest of us at YAHOO.
    I love the format and you will too!
    I think this should be your New Years resolution…great blog…keep up the great work!

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