I got an award!

Aimee gave me this award last week. I was super pumped! I mean little old me with the blog that’s less than 1 month old getting an award! Anyhoo, I wanted to say a big ole thanks to her and pass the award on to 3 other deserving candidates. Girls, you’ve got to post this on your blog proudly, link back to me and then pass on the love to 3 others. Thanks, Aimee, glad you got to use Mama B’s corn recipe.

Candi for her hilarious stories.

Michelle T for that stinking cute picture on the front page.

Elizabeth who even though she’s very pregnant, still updates her blog constantly!

Michelle H for her incredible pictures.


  1. No problem! I’m just glad I have a place to go to find all of the local deals! 🙂

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