I Came, I Ate, I Greeted!

I was so privileged to be invited along with about 50 other bloggers from all over the country to attend an Eat and Greet at General Mills headquarters. I already work with MyBlogSpark to bring you guys some cool prizes and introductions to new GM things so I was thrilled to go see it. Plus, another Mummy-cation?? Oh yeah!

What photo album would be complete without a photo of the Pillsbury Doughboy! Here I am with Amy from Sun Valley, ID who’s Hubby works on Tom Hanks and Arnie’s homes! S-weet!With Amy and Marcy at the cocktail party on Weds.
After a nice kip in a queen bed on my own where I couldn’t be accused of cover stealing, we headed out at 7am. Yup, 7am to Betty’s kitchen. I love her cookbook and was excited to tour (oh yeah and EAT of course!)

My pics don’t look great but it was so nice to meet Denene from My Brown Baby.
Bad pic of me entering the kitchen! Apparently I’m all outta pride!

Ok, so this was THE most fun ever! I’ve always wanted to try one of those things that blows air and you collect money except this was filled with Box Tops. My first try wasn’t very successful but I did get a few…and had a blast.
Remember me announcing the free cooking site from Betty Crocker – The Mixer? Well here it was “In person!”
Marcy and I were told about the awesome Cascadian Farms coupons and being the frugal girls that we are we borrowed their computers and blogged it right there and then!
Yum, yogurt parfaits!
Yuppers, I asked to go again and did much better!

Sheena and I in the photography props room.
A photo they’d taken in their downtime!
As I blog about this and let you guys know where I was, it’s still crazy to me to think that I got invited. Wow! CoynePR is great to work with and trying out new General Mills products was really a fun time. They’ve got this new Cookie Crisp cereal out there and as it’s mine and Hub’s favourite I thought I’d try. Yak! Way too sweet! Let me tell you though what did impress me: that out of the 15 or more things we tried I read the labels for each of them and was expecially impressed with Muir Glen, Progresso and Cascadian Farms.
It’s important for our family that we don’t eat a lot of high fructose and I was impressed with how little GM uses.
When I say they really thought of everything, the above piccie is of me and my fave guilty pleasure. They only had Diet left and it just doesn’t cut it for me. So (without me hinting or moaning!) they went and got me a regular from upstairs! I love me some DP!

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