How to Make Organza Flowers

Doing Christmas on a budget but don’t want to give away something junky that looks homemade? This week some of my readers have shared their favorite homemade gifts.

Today is from Elizabeth and is How to Make Organza Flowers

How to Make Organza Flowers

Choose a synthetic organza fabric. Look for a light, sheer but rather stiff fabric at your local fabric store. Cut three to six circular, amorphous or five-petaled flower shapes from the organza. Cut the same approximate shape in three sizes, allowing one to two layers in each size. It is not necessary to be exact in your cutting, and in fact, irregularity will add to the beauty and individuality of your flowers. Working carefully, pass the edges of each cut flower shape through the flame of a candle or candle lighter to melt and seal the edges of the flower. Stack the flower shapes from largest to smallest and secure at the center with a few small hand stitches.

Embellish Your Organza Flower

Add a few small seed beads to the center of a small organza flower. Use larger crystal beads to create a glimmering center for larger fabric flowers. Try recycling old jewelry by stitching it into the center of your handmade flowers. Place a small piece of felt behind the flower and sew through all layers if you are using a heavy embellishment. Vintage buttons and hand embroidery are also options for the center of your handmade organza flowers. Choose more elaborate embellishments for wearable flowers or faster and easier ones for flowers to be grouped or used for home decoration.

Using Organza Flowers

Hand stitch your organza flowers to bobby pins or hair combs for a hair ornament. Sew a pin back to a small piece of felt and stitch this to your organza flower with small stitches for a wearable or decorative handmade flower. Make an organza flower to wear in your hair, create jewelry pieces or accent a bag or hat. These are quick and easy enough to use to accent a beautiful gift. Use several organza flowers to make bouquets or garlands, decorate for a wedding or embellish a pillow. Try decorating a Christmas tree with lush organza flowers.

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