How to Make Cupcake Socks

Who doesn’t love a pair of fuzzy socks? Instead of just giving a regular pair, make them into these Cupcake Socks. These are awesome teacher gifts or as a hostess gift as they’re not expensive and you could make a bunch to have on hand.

Not only are they practical but they’re cheap and you can snag a pair for less than $2. I got these for $.99 but even now Target has cute regular socks for $1 that would go great.

How to Make Cupcake Socks

  1. Simply wrap these around to make a cupcake shape.
  2. Grab a piece of scrapbook paper and use about a quarter of it to make a strip. Cut with scissors that make a nice edge if you have them.
  3. Wrap around the socks and tape.
  4. Place a marble on the top for the cherry or ball of some kind.
  5. Add tulle and a ribbon. We used ribbon tulle that I got for $2.99/roll at Michael’s.

This is a great gift for family too as you could add a bottle of nail polish in the center.

Socks $1
Scrapbook paper 1/4 piece $.15
Tulle: $.25
Nail polish $.27
Final Cost: $1.67

This tutorial on how to make cupcake socks is part of a series: 12 Teacher Gifts Under $2 Each.


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