How to Use Up Some ECBs or RRs

Rolling, rolling, rolling….keep those ECBs/RRs rolling.
Raw hidddddddddddddde!

A while back I got a check back from Coricidin for cold relief for high blood pressure after a mail in rebate. Why oh why would I send in a mail in rebate form for something I don’t use? Because it was free? Yes it was but not just for that!
Correct answer: Because I got to roll some ECBs. You see over Thanksgiving 2008 when I got the big haul of stuff I ended up with a gazillion ECBs. And you know that the next week there was not much for free so I had to spend them at CVS somehow and there’s only so much candy I can buy for Samaritan’s Purse so I decided to spend them on a Mail in Rebate and effectively cash them out.

I bought the product with ECBs and sent it off for the MIR. That meant that although I paid a little in taxes, I got it for free and was able to use some bucks. “But, Clair, what in the world are you gonna do with it? What a waste!” Well, friends, I donated it. I always have an ongoing pile of donation items so they won’t go to waste. What a win-win!

So, why am I bringing this up? Well, quite simply it’s a good way to “use up” those ECBs and RRs when you can’t roll them. As serious couponers know the best way is to roll them into more free stuff but as that’s not always possible and they expire so quickly, sometimes instead of wasting them on bottled water or other things, I look for MIR items I can buy.

If you didn’t know, Walgreens RRs act like manufacturer’s coupons and can be taken anywhere that those can be used like Jewel and Kroger.

Last year I wrote this post and it became quite popular so those are always worth a repost when you’ve got new people around, right?!

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