How to Shoot Great Photos of Your Kids: A Guest Post


With a camera! Silly people, with a camera! Not a gun. Sometimes, I know that you have days like that, but believe me, it’s not worth it!

Instead, get out your camera and take pictures of them! Ten years from now, you will miss how they were that day. Ratty hair, mix-matched outfits they put on themselves and dirty fingernails – these things slip away from our memories. Capture them in pixels (or film!)

1) Which brings me to the first point. Take the pictures. Take them with your big fancy DSLR, your point and shoot, your camera phone, whatever. But take them.


Even if it’s not the ideal conditions.

2) Capture their favorite things. Where they like to play. Where they go if they need alone time.

Hiding Place

3) Don’t forget images of them when they are sick too!

Ice Cream Baby

4) Get down to their level. This is probably one of the most common tips given everywhere. And yet, it still comes as a surprise how often the low shots are taken!


Even more than that, get down to the ground. Not just to their level, but lower. We are always looking at our kids from above. We are (almost always) taller than them. And while it’s great to get images as we see them now, we also should try other ones! So get down. And then go lower!

Dancing Queen

5) Don’t forget to get pictures of your kids interacting with other people, other children and animals too!

Like how my daughter will copy her Grammy in almost anything she does.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

How she loves her grandpa, even if it doesn’t look like it in this picture:

Mean Grandpa

How much of a daddy’s girl she is.

Daddy and Daughter

The bond she has with her big, tough, scary uncle.


And of course, her sheer love of babies.

Baby Kisses

Her fearlessness of strangers.

New Friend!

Almost scary, in fact, how much she loves new people. But that is something I want to capture! Having it to remember. And also to teach.

But that is the biggest thing to remember.


Savor the moments.

6) Don’t lose yourself completely behind the camera, you want to make sure to interact….but you want to enjoy and be able to share them with others too.

Fairy Princess

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