How to Safely Sign Up for Freebies

Who knew there was a good/bad way to sign up for freebies? I guess before I started this blog I would never have thought that there were so many free things available to me such as samples/coupons and other good deals. So it got me thinking that maybe there are others knew to getting stuff for free who may want to learn what I’ve learnt!!

Couple of hints when signing up for freebies:

1) Create a new email account so that if you get spam from signing up, it won’t affect your personal email.

2) Sign up for a Roboform account. This is a FREE program that once you’ve entered your info into the system, it will populate it for you in the future. Go here to sign up and then you’ll get a button on your browser that next time you can hit and it’ll enter all the info.

The other place that’s similar to Roboform is Passpack that one of my readers uses and likes. You can sign up here for that.

3) If somewhere asks for your phone number, I usually don’t do it. A product that’s worth 50 cents and yet you get 2 calls? Forget it!

4) In general just be smart about it. I do vet all the freebies I add to the site just to make sure but double-check and let me know if it looks fishy!

Anyone else got any tricks for freebie signups?

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