How to Remove Stickers

How to remove stickers

Stickers are fun on paper but not on walls and if you’re wondering how to remove stickers you’ve come to the right place! My Kiddos decided it would be super fun to decorate Isaac’s door with stickers one day. I wasn’t thrilled until my friend Kerry told me she knew how to get them off and I knew the kids would enjoy this job so I put them to work removing the stickers one day!

How to Remove Stickers from doors, furniture or walls

  1. Coat the area in mayonnaise. I was painting anyway so I grabbed two big paintbrushes and a small pan for the kids and added mayo to it. They reallllllllly enjoyed this part!
  2. Leave the mayonnaise on for 1 hour to absorb
  3. Take a scraper and begin to gently scrape off. Dependent on where the stickers are will depend on whether you use a rubber scraper or a metal one. Mine didn’t scratch the wood.
  4. Once you’ve got it all off, wipe the area down with water and soap.
  5. I ended the process by using some Murphy’s wood oil to make it shine again.

Ta-da, that’s how you remove stickers!

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