How to Party on a Budget

Hubby and I love throwing parties. Over the years we’ve done this……..

And even this…

Then this happened…..

We don’t get as much Adult Time as we’d like but when we do here’s a couple of pointers we have.

Budget Birthday Parties For Adults.

Grab a murder mystery game from eBay and invite 6 friends over. We love the “How to Host a Murder” series. You can get them shipped for around $15 and it is seriously the most fun you’ll have for a while and a way better deal than a movie. You invite 6 people (for us 3 couples) and ask them to dress up as a part from the game. You’re part of the game and it’s so fun. You sit around like at a dinner party and over dinner have to guess whodunnit. It takes around 3 hours and is a hoot!

One huge way to save is by not doing it alone. We always take up people’s offers to bring a side or dessert. We usually prepare the main course and have people bring the bits and pieces necessary.

Create invites through websites like evite that won’t cost you anything.

How to Save Money on Kids Parties

1) Have them pick what they want: a big gift or a party. That way they’re part of the process and it helps them understand. You can talk to them about money and use it as a good opportunity to encourage budgeting.

2) Give them a budget and ask them to help. That way if the budget is $50 and they want to spend $25 on a cake, they can’t have party favours.

3) Have people bring things or even have grandparents pick up the cake tab.

4) Make the cake yourself. Clearly from the cupcakes I’m not super talented at this but nobody said it had to be a rocking poppin cake! If somebody ‘little’ does say that, there are plenty of places on the internet that will teach you how to make an Elmo cake without breaking the bank. You can also check out my section of Cakes and Pops.

5) Limit the number of guests they can invite.

6) Remember home parties are usually cheaper. If you do go out, ask if you can bring your own cake and drinks.

7) Nobody said you have to do a full blown dinner. Cake and coffee will do just as well if you have a large extended family.

8) Plan in advance and shop the sales. Purchase napkins and other supplies when you see them on sale. I grabbed Number 1 cups and plates months before Isaac’s First Birthday.

9) Get creative. If your hubby is a firefighter, ask for a tour around the firehouse.  Check out my Cabela’s Birthday Party post.

10) Kids are generally simple. They love games and food and with a bit of creativity you can create a frugal party.

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