How to Pack a Shoebox on a Budget: VLOG

Want to help out Operation Christmas Child but don’t have a huge budget? Check this video out for 10 tips on things you may already have around the house and things that don’t cost much. I’ve outlined the steps in a 10 Part Series here.

Go HERE for drop-off locations near you.


  1. great info! i've been packing shoeboxes for several years now. i make it my mission throughout the year to pick up items for as cheap as possible or free. hadn't thought of some of your ideas. thanks a bunch for what you do for kids around the world!!

  2. Okay…I just watched your video on Operation Christmas child and I am just so blessed! I want to do what you have done. I LOVE TO GIVE, but so many times have not done as much as I'd like because we just didn't have the money or I'm trying to stay within a budget. Thank you for showing me that there is a way to do it frugally…although I feel like I'm not prepared for this year…I want to make it my goal for next year to pack these shoeboxes and not only that…encourage my church to do this as well! Thank you Clair for inspiring me!!!

  3. We love OCC too! What do you do about the $7 per box that you are supposed to send? We pack several boxes each year and the money we send to cover costs is always way more than we spend to fill the boxes.

  4. Love this!!!!We love Operation Christmas child too! Thanks for all the precious ideas!

  5. Elle_Cooks says:

    Thanks so much for these tips!!

  6. I love frugally filling the shoeboxes for OCC as well. The biggest expense for us is the $7 per box shipping/handling fee. Forty-five boxes times $7 is $315 to ship them all. I could fill a whole lot more shoeboxes if I didn't have to pay to ship them. How do you handle that extra expense?

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