How to Pack a Shoebox on a Budget 7: Hunt Around The House

I LOVE Operation Christmas Child and last year managed to pack 45 good quality boxes for just $45 because I didn’t just start in November right before packing week. If that’s you and you don’t have totes full of goodies you’ve saved throughout the year, don’t panic! This is a whole series of posts on Budget Tips for Operation Christmas Child. Over the next couple of days I’ll be sharing my tips on how to pack a shoebox on a budget.

Today is about ‘Hunting Around Your House’

It’s unbelievable the kinds of things I find when I hunt: notepads that I bought that I’ve never used or key-chains we just don’t use that I was given. Here are a couple of examples of why you need to do a search:

1) Promotional Items
You know the kind. State Farm key-chains, AllState balls. All of which may end up at the thrift store or in the garbage. These have great potential for being excellent shoebox filler items. So look around the house and grab all the promo pens, t shirts, key-chains and other items you can find and give frugally!

Skip over the kitschy items or the things that look break, we’re not trying to be cheap here! You could even ask your local agencies for items they may want to donate.

2) McDonalds Toys
I know it sounds silly but how much do kids pester to get the toy only to not use it? I know many of my friends don’t end up giving the toy to the child as it’s just “one more thing” Well, some kids live in such poverty that that “one more thing” maybe their only toy and a treasured possession. Instead of letting it sit around, why not consider giving it?

I’ve got to tell you, my son has been given a couple of these and loves them. They actually have some decent ones nowadays and they make great fillers for your box.

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