How to Pack a Shoebox on a Budget 6: Shipping Costs

I got this question recently,
“I have read your post about packing the shoeboxes and this is something that my family and I want to try to do. However, I just read on their website that you have to include $7 for each box to help cover shipping costs. This will make it hard for us to do more than a few boxes. Do you have any thoughts you can post on how you defray this part of the cost of the boxes?

I just want to say it’s super exciting to see someone want to really push and see how many of the boxes they can do. I LOVE that! I get asked this question a lot so although I would normally post later, I want to address it now:

Firstly: Operation Christmas Child asks for $7 per box but if you’re sending multiple boxes you can send one check. The easiest way to give is online HERE and then you can follow your box.

Secondly: Give everything you can content-wise. If you can only afford to pack 6 boxes, pack 6 really well done boxes and then write a check or donate that amount. The rest of the items you may have (from freebies or wherever) put in a plastic bag and bring to your drop off location. They will then be shipped to the nearest packing place and will be used to fill empty boxes. This is honestly my favorite way to do it.

What I’ve found is that some people don’t have the time to shop and just want to give money. Ask around friends, family, church members and any groups you’re part of. Remember: even a dollar goes a long way.

Finally: Think of creative ways to make the money. Maybe you’re an eBay seller. Why not hunt around for a few items you could sell and then give the profit. I’ve also heard of children setting up lemonade stands to raise some cash.

I hope that helps!

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  1. Please note you are not required to provide shipping on the OCC boxes it is just suggested. They will still take your boxes with or without the shipping cost for the boxes. Our church has been packing boxes for 11 years & shipping has never been a requirement in order to pack a box. Please do not let that stop you from packing boxes.

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