How to Make Money Working From Home

Wondering how to make money? Then check out how I make money working from home including detailed ideas and a plan.

How to Make Money Working From Home

Many people have asked me over the course of my blogging career if it’s possible to make money at home and how. Before you hop on Google and look up a bunch of things that may or may not be scammy I wanted to let you guys in on exactly how I’m doing it.

Many of you who’ve been around for a while know how amazing I think my Young Living oils are. They’ve helped with so many things in our house and meant we’ve taken out many toxins and chemicals and replaced them with better…cheaper…non toxic homemade goodies. Pretty awesome right? But before you get thinking that I’m just here to push something on you PLEASE HEAR MY HEART. I have never, nor will I ever, try to push something on you that doesn’t work nor will I ever try to “strong arm” you into something. My experience today is what I want to talk about and how you too can benefit. Plus please keep reading as it’s about to get interesting and I will talk money    too 🙂

First off let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Young Living is a multi level marketing company. Phew….there…I said it. Many people have such a strong perception of MLMS and I’m gonna be honest – I did too before Young Living. If you’ve ever felt pushed into something or signed up for something with the promise of “you don’t need to work you just do xxxx” and you felt cheated then you know how I felt. But here’s the awesome news: Not only is this company not like that BUT it’s actually a legitimate way for you to own your own business and have residual income.

how to make money

You see those two little guys right there? I get to be home with them everyday and see them in homeschool, life, at playdates and on field trips. While staying home isn’t for everyone I’m glad we didn’t have to financially make that choice and I could be home. You see the thing with residual income is that it keeps coming even after you’re done working on it. Now don’t get me wrong…it is work but the people I told about my amazing new wellness lifestyle 2 years ago are still buying and Praise God…I’m still earning! All while “working on this” from home. You see I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work!

How can I make money working from home?

The great news about Young Living is their products are awesomesauce and have totally changed my family’s health for the better. There’s thousands of uses for them and we use them daily! Honestly you won’t be disappointed in how they work. So besides them being awesome how can you make money working from home?

Well if you’ve perhaps tried another company or are rolling your eyes at me hang on in there! I’m not talking about you chasing friends and family. No siree! I’m talking about you sharing what you know and helping others while creating a stream of income for your family. If you’re not sure if you could do this I created my Oilers On A Mission group just for YOU! It’s a very supportive group of oilers all learning, all using recipes, all getting healthier and lots of sharing with friends in a very non-invasive way and lots of it online. So let’s see shall we?

I have a mission to spread the love about oils and a healthier lifestyle and the plan works! It duplicates!
Will it take time? Yep but anything good does.
Do I have to be dedicated to it? Yep.
Will you help me? Of course! I’m here for you!
How much will it pay? Wow yes I totally went there! It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m gonna share with you some numbers but before I do let me share a photo.

This is my family in England at Christmas 2015 visiting my family over there including my parents. It cost us $4000 to fly there + other expenses and guess what? We didn’t charge it!

how to make money from home

April 2014
After receiving my Premium Starter Kit at the end of March and a little vacation I decided I was so in love with oils I was ready to tell the world. So I did!

Total People that signed up to try the oils: 15
Total number of people “under me”: 21 (two people that signed up under me signed up  people)
Check total for April: $830.57

May 2014
Off to a good start I was so thrilled and then the ball started rolling!

Total People that signed up to try the oils: 21
Total number of people “under me”: 89 (13 people that signed up under me signed up  people)
Check total for May: $2,456.96

Oh my lands! Did you see what happened there? In one month my business became profitable and friends that is the beauty of residual income. With me working on it and giving it time it has grown and grown and grown!

How do I talk about them?

Well considering I use oils a ton for many situations my friends see me oiling a lot and naturally ask. I’m the go to Mom for questions like, “My kiddo needs help with ………….” and I love that!

Can I use social media?

We’re all on social media so why not share there?! I sure do and very early on I learned that sharing there was a great way to spread the word. I’ve never chased people down or sent information to someone who didn’t first request it.

Well wowsers that turned into a huge post but I hope it helped you! If you’re sitting here thinking “hmmmm I could do that too with some training!” then I’d love to talk to you.  I’ve put together tons of resources for you to use to share and make it easy on you. At Oilers On A Mission we’re not looking to have you purchase a kit and then move on. We want you around forever!

I’m not saying we’re going to make $10,000 overnight but can you imagine what a few hundred dollars would do for your family every month? What about a few thousand?

Let me leave you with a question: What would you do with $300 extra a month? Leave a comment below and let’s start chatting on email or Facebook OR email me at mummydeals

God has totally blessed this journey for Tim and I and I’d be remiss in not sharing with you so I’m laying it out there and praying you hear my heart to help you.

Let’s dream together!






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