How To Make French Press Coffee

So…you love a good cuppa java huh? Me too! In fact since Isaac was born it’s become “liquid gold” to me. Hubs and I are both fussy coffee drinkers: we like it strong and we like it good. The budget won’t allow me to consume a caramel macchiato every day. Growing up in England we called it the Cafetiere but here in America the pot that presses coffee is called a French Press. If you’re wondering how do you use a french press or cafetiere this post will teach you to make french press coffee.

Step 1: You need a French press. It’s cheaper than a coffee maker, cheaper to make the coffee (no filter) and is great tasting. It looks like this. The best brand in my opinion is the Bodum and I like this one: Bodum Brazil 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker, 34 oz, Black.

Step 2: Boil water. We have a “fancy” kettle because everyone has one in England to boil water for tea quick!
Step 3: Add coffee to pot. We add a lot but just add what you normally would for a regular pot.
Step 4: Add boiling water to top line.
Step 5: Stir it fast with a utensil. I’m not exactly sure what this does but it does taste better. Still til you see froth.
Step 6: Ok, so not a step but seriously tell me your coffee pot makes coffee that looks that good??!!
Step 7: Place the lid on and let it “brew”
Step 8: Plunge the plunger slowly til you reach the coffee grinds. This filters the coffee.
Step 9: Pour and enjoy!
Hope that helps! I know a couple of people had asked for a tutorial on how do you make french press coffee so I thought I’d demonstrate!


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