How to Make Barista Coffee for Cheap

So…you love a good cuppa java huh? Me too! In fact since Isaac was born it’s become “liquid gold” to me. Hubs and I are both fussy coffee drinkers: we like it strong and we like it good. The budget won’t allow me to consume a caramel maaciato every day but even this frugal gal ain’t gonna drink a certain name brand coffee (which will remain nameless!) so here’s how to make barista coffee for cheap. If you’re wondering, we love Maxwell House and get either South Pacific or french roast.

Step 1: You need a French press. It’s cheaper than a coffee maker, cheaper to make the coffee (no filter) and is great tasting. It looks like this and is cheaply available at TJ Maxx, IKEA or Marshall’s for around $15.

Step 2: Boil water. We have a “fancy” kettle because everyone has one in England to boil water for tea quick!
Step 3: Add coffee to pot. We add a lot but just add what you normally would for a regular pot.
Step 4: Add boiling water to top line.
Step 5: Stir it fast with a utensil. I’m not exactly sure what this does but it does taste better. Still til you see froth.
Step 6: Ok, so not a step but seriously tell me your coffee pot makes coffee that looks that good??!!
Step 7: Place the lid on and let it “brew”
Step 8: Plunge the plunger slowly til you reach the coffee grinds. This filters the coffee.
Step 9: Pour and enjoy!
Hope that helps! I know a couple of people had asked what a french press was so I thought I’d demonstrate!


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