How To Make A Cross Necklace

How to make a cross necklace

How to make a cross necklace

I craft in the kitchen. Seriously I should make buttons that say that! Whenever someone tells me to learn how to sew or asks if I can paint I’ll just show them my button: I CRAFT IN THE KITCHEN!

Good job for me (and for my favorite charity) that I’ve got friends around me who craft outside the kitchen! Last week my dear friend Mary-Ann showed up with 70 homemade crosses and asked what I thought of them. Urm…they’re a-mazing and super easy to make. We’re adding these to our Operation Christmas Child boxes this year and thought you may like the idea too.


  • Plastic canvas. You can either buy sheets and cut it or buy pre-cut ones from craft stores.
  • Yarn, not too thick or thin.
  • Blunt needle.

The great thing is if you’ve got someone old enough to use a needle this could be a great project together!


  1. If you are cutting the plastic canvas crosses, make them around 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide.
  2. You can either thread simple loops back and forth like in picture 3 or do diagonal as in picture 2.
  3. At the end loop around the sides in a border.
  4. Loop a large piece around the top of the cross and tie a knot for a necklace.
  5. Voila cross necklaces made from plastic canvas.

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