How To Make A Cookie Pop Bouquet

I labor under the firm belief that everything (besides corn and hotdogs) tastes better on a stick. I mean who doesn’t love a good shish kebab? So when a friend of mine was going through a hard time recently I wanted to cheer her up. What better way than a bouquet of cookies? Enter Cookie Pops. I tell ya: I dream of Pops!

1) Simply make your favorite sugar cookie recipe. {I won’t lie I let Betty Crocker help me out.}

2) Then I cut out heart shapes using a cookie cutter.

3) After placing them on a cookie sheet I pressed a stick onto the back of each one. With a little extra cookie dough I added some over the stick to ensure it stayed on.

4) I then baked them.

5) After pulling them out of the over and letting them cool I decorated them and then…the tricky part.

6) Into a plastic cup I added some florist’s sponge and some colored grass. I then used a chopstick to poke holes in the sponge about 1 inch deep.

7) Into the holes I poked the cookie pops, added some more grass and left this on her doorstep. Boom, awesome Cookie Pops!

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