How To Make A Coffee Can Drum

For sure we’re bringing up boys! There’s nothing my two little monkeys love doing more than banging on things or shaking things to make a huge noise which is why I decided to make my own drum. I knew it could be done but upon googling it I found nothing so I came up with my own. It’s super simple (I’m not that creative) and Isaac helped me make it.

Materials Needed

  • A Coffee can or some type of large round tub.
  • Piece of construction paper.
  • Sheet of felt (around $.29 at Michael’s)
  • 3 Large rubber bands
  • Coloring pens
  • Glue
  • 2 sticks (we used chopsticks)


  1. Measure the piece of construction paper around the can. Cut off any unnecessary scraps.
  2. Glue the paper on.
  3. Make a pattern on it. I marked a pretend rope pattern like a real drum would have.
  4. For the lid of the drum simply glue the felt and stick it to the top. Then attach with a large rubber band and cover in ribbon.
  5. Press the lid onto the top and cut off any scraps from the lid that need it to make it a round shape.
  6. Using those scraps and your sticks make drum sticks for them to bang with.
  7. Voila…..a coffee can drum!

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