How to Leave a Comment

Please do not leave a comment on this post!

I love comments. I love hearing from you and hearing how you save.

However I’ve found that quite a few people are not familiar with blogs and how they work and although you may wanna leave a comment or an entry into a contest you don’t know how. So here’s how:

  1. If you’re reading in an email you need to click on the heading of the post to go through to the actual site as you can only leave a comment from there.
  2. Once there click on post comment at the bottom of the post.
  3. Leave a comment.
  4. If you’re entering a contest please note: Do NOT leave your phone number or address, just an email. You don’t want people calling you! When leaving an email address to avoid getting spammed just leave it like this: mummydeals at yahoo dot com
  5. Comments don’t get approved immediately so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up straight away. I approve them in batches. If it isn’t up within a day then please leave another comment.
I hope that helps! If you leave a question and someone doesn’t answer it and I don’t get to it, please email me. My readers are AWESOME and super helpful so the chances are it’ll get answered before I get to it!

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