How to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about all the requests I get for help when people start blogs. There are tons of people out there who love writing and want to know how to start. One way is through Alexa


Alexa is an Amazon subsidiary which collects information and traffic patterns from readers. By installing the Alexa Toolbar, you increase your Alexa ranking. I just did it a couple of days ago and am waiting to see.

One of the other ways to increase Alexa is to to ask your dear, sweet readers to download it for themselves. That way when you go to Mummy Deals through the Alexa Toolbar, I get rated and improve my chances of helping more people save money. It’s a nifty gifty plus you’re helping me out for FREE!

The other thing to do is ask your readers to review your site like I’m doing. Dear Sweet Readers: Please click on the logo above and tell Alexa, if you like me!

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