How to Give to Great Causes on a Budget Part 7

As we gear up for our Operation Christmas Child drive on November 3 I looked at all the stuff I’d bought and got GIIIIIIIIIIDDYY! This year I spent less and have more boxes to pack. I spent $45 and have stuff for 45 boxes! So right now I’m doing a 10 Ways to Give on a Budget Series and this is Part 7: Dollar Stores

The Dollar Store is a great place to pick up lots of miscellaneous items. Recently given a bad rep by local press for having expired candy, I’ve never seen that or had issues. The bottom line is, it’s cheap. When you’re packing several boxes you can’t afford to run out and spend $25/box. I’m told by Samaritan’s Purse that quantity is better. Not that quality isn’t but again when someone has nothing something is better than nothing! I aim to pack more boxes than stuff them full of expensive toys ad for that reason I head to the Dollar Store. When there I don’t just pick out a bunch of dollar items either! I try and find the 3 packs of party favours. That way I can often find 6 bouncy balls/crowns/socks for $1, open up the packs and put one item into 6 boxes.

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