How to Give to Great Causes on a Budget Part 4

As we gear up for our Operation Christmas Child drive on November 3 I looked at all the stuff I’d bought and got GIIIIIIIIIIDDYY! This year I spent less and have more boxes to pack. I spent $45 and have stuff for 45 boxes! So right now I’m doing a 10 Ways to Give on a Budget Series and this is Part 4: Regifting

Yup, I said it! I re-gift and from a survey I read not long ago, I’m not the only one. 69% of people polled believe it’s now socially acceptable! Now, granted, my Mum’s Christmas gift is not going to be something I was given, nor will a picture frame from Isaac’s dedication be given away; but still, there is potential in re-gifting. If it’s not something you’re going to use, bless someone else with it.

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  1. Question… what do you do about the $5 per box that they ask for shipping? Do you give them the $225 with the boxes?

  2. Mrs. Cline says:


    I can't speak for Clair, but with the groups I have worked with in the past who have done Care Packages like this, we have asked people in our small groups or churches to donate the money for shipping just one box. Some people are blessed with the finances to ship the boxes, while others are blessed with the time to shop for the items and then spend the time packaging them and getting them ready. It was a way to involve all members of the group, even if they didn't have the time. And the bonus to that is, if someone didn't have the finances, they contributed by giving their time! Win-Win!

    We always found people willing to donate $ to help offset the cost of shipping!

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