How to Give to Great Causes on a Budget Part 3

As we gear up for our Operation Christmas Child drive on November 3 I looked at all the stuff I’d bought and got GIIIIIIIIIIDDYY! This year I spent less and have more boxes to pack. I spent $45 and have stuff for 45 boxes! So right now I’m doing a 10 Ways to Give on a Budget Series and this is Part 3: McDonald’s toys.

I know it sounds silly but how much do kids pester to get the toy only to not use. I know many of my friends don’t end up giving the toy to the child as it’s just “one more thing” Well, some kids live in such poverty that that “one more thing” maybe their only toy and a treasured possession. Instead of letting it sit around, why not consider giving it?


  1. Last year, a member of our church donated boxes of McDonald's toys that they had been collecting since the early 90's – all still in the packages! They were awesome additions to stuffing the boxes!

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