How to Give to Great Causes on a Budget Part 2

As we gear up for our Operation Christmas Child drive on November 3 I looked at all the stuff I’d bought and got GIIIIIIIIIIDDYY! This year I spent less and have more boxes to pack. I spent $45 and have stuff for 45 boxes! So right now I’m doing a 10 Ways to Give on a Budget Series and this is Part 2: FREE Stuff.This week at Menards I got all this for $1.98 (see how here) We needed the bags so will keep those, the laundry detergent was free but we have a lot so I’m gonna give that to a friend in need and finally the paintbrushes. We have lots. In fact we probably have too many but I know our local Habitat for Humanity is lacking. So they’re getting them. Free to me + blessing for them = Double bonus!

Drugstore freebies. One of the common questions I ask people when introducing my site is, “Do you know you can get FREE things at Walgreens and CVS. In fact I haven’t paid for toiletries in 8 years!” While I wait for them to pick their jaw up off the floor I start to explain how. If you don’t know check out this and this and then pop back each week as I walk you through how to get toiletries for free.
This month at Walgreens they have Chapstick for free. Ok so you pay around 14 cents in tax but that’s the ONLY catch! You can get a bunch of it. Again, I already have a bunch but have been getting more to put in the shoeboxes. Free, fun and nice to give.What about free samples? If you’re a regular around here you know about Granny’s Deals. If not, sign up for the email and start getting freebies! Anyway, I get things in the mail often. Look at this pile. If we need it we keep it, if it’s liquids it gets given elsewhere, if not it’s going to Samaritan’s Purse and in the shoeboxes.

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