How to Give to Great Causes on a Budget #1

As we gear up for our Operation Christmas Child drive this year I spent less and have more boxes to pack. I spent $45 and have stuff for 45 boxes! Yuppers, it’s true. So I thought about how I managed to do it and came up with 10 Tips. Today is about ‘Holiday Clearance.’

Part of my boxes this year contain things that were in last year’s Christmas sale at 90% off, this year’s Valentine’s thsirts at 75% off, some 4th of July socks on clearance and other bits like that. I don’t stop once the boxes leave my house in November instead I start gearing up for next year. Not only does this mean we can get bargains but it means we don’t have to spend a chunk out of pocket all at once.

Yesterday instead of working I decided to do a little retail therapy and found that the Dollar General had their summer clearance at 90% off. NINETY!

Cute tea sets originally $2, now 20 cents
Spades originally $1 now 10 cents
Flip flops originally $3 now 30 cents

Boats originally $1.50, now 15 cents
Bath toys oringally $1 now 10 cents

Around 15 pairs of flip flops, some crayons and 20 toys later and I was out a mere $11!
Then on to Walgreens just coz I was on a roll! I found some skirts clearanced for $.50. $.50!!! So I bought my RR freebies for the week and then used RRs to buy the skirts.
13 x $.50 = $6.50
This excited me the most as I really didn’t have toothbrushes. 6 pack of kid’s brushes for $.50 each!
20 packs x $.50 = $10 (120 toothbrushes!)

Grand total including some Walgreens freebies = Around $30 including tax!!

I know a lot of you are going to go out and shop for OCC as you’ve told me so I thought it’d be helpful if we could share where the deals are. Dollar General is at 90% off summer, Walgreens is at 75% off. If you know a store is doing summer stuff on clearance please leave a comment. Thanks!


  1. clair…this is amazing! i LOVE the idea of using these deals for great causes. that toothbrush deal is wonderful…that is so needed around the world. LOVE THIS!

  2. Mommy Kennedy says:

    Thanks for the RT for my Eebee's Adventures DVD set giveaway!

    I picked up those kids toothbrushes at Wags too. Aren't they so cute? My 15 month old really loves to brush his teeth with them!

  3. kathy55439 says:

    You are my OCC Hero… Way to go….

    I had a friend get me 72 toothpastes from a dentic friend for free. It was a great start to my boxes…… I go threw every free box at yard sales to find little toys to add to my boxes….

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