How To Give To A Charity This Week In A Little Time And With Little Money

I LOVE a good deal but what I LOVE more than a good deal is a good deal that helps others! Allow me to explain:

Some have accused couponers as being crazy or ridiculously stockpiling for no reason. Well, firstly I believe that I’m supposed to take care of my family so I make sure we have enough toiletries but seriously how much shampoo does one person need???

Take my friend Tina. She got really into couponing in the fall of 2008. Within 6 months she had enough toiletries to last her quite a while. When I say quite a while, she hasn’t needed to get any more since the summer of 2009 and is still living off that! Crazy huh?

Not only is this blog about how we can grab freebies (which I ABSOLUTELY wanna help you do) but it’s about how we can use our couponing powers for good to give to others. I have a box downstairs that’s my needy/charity box and every time I hear of a need I dip in there and am able to give…on a budget and mostly for FREE! I just looked at it the other day and it’s jam-packed with goodies and yet I just gave stuff away to 5 different families over the past 2 months. How is that possible? Because I’m always thinking ahead and this week I want to encourage you to start this in a very EASY, PRACTICAL, FRUGAL way. Would you commit with me to helping those less fortunate? This week in around 10 minutes here’s how:

Walgreens has some awesome deals going on this week. In fact there’s tons for FREE but two items especially caught my eye as possible women’s shelter donation ideas.

Baby Magic Lotion or Hair & Body Wash (16.5 oz) – $3
Receive a $3 RR
Final price: FREE

Colgate Toothpaste
(Total Gum Defense or Total Advanced) – $2.99

Use $1 off from Walgreens Holiday/Winter Diabetes & You Magazine or use $.75 from SS 2/27/11
Receive a $3 RR
Final price: $.75 to $1 Money-Maker

Here’s how to get the most of this all week-long:

Go to Walgreens and buy both items. If you had no coupons you’d pay around $6 plus tax and receive $6 back in Register Rewards: 2 x $3 Rewards.

Then, I propose that throughout the week whenever you pass a Walgreens and have time you do this:

Transaction 1
Buy Baby Magic for $3
Pay with the Colgate Register Rewards
Receive $3 back in RRs

Transcation 2
Buy Colgate for $2.99
Add a small candy item for around $.25
Pay with Baby Magic rewards
Receive $3 back in RRs

Will you join me? Will you commit to not only filling your medicine cabinet this week but helping others too? It will cost you a little time and a little tax but be ohhhhhhhh so worth it.


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