How to Get FREE Crayons and Recycle Crayons

Am I cheap or just plain frugal? Ok don’t answer that but I’ve quickly learnt that when it comes to getting crayons at restaurants I just do it. Even when Isaac was only 3 months old. Most places will give you a little pack and a cool coloring sheet. I’ve learnt that crayons are a valued commodity and now carry them around with me everywhere just in case. Of course he still insists that they’re better to eat than color with but we’re learning.

The ones he’s bitten will just get dumped into the garbage and then fill landfills…that was until, I heard of They turn your old crayons into new ones by recycling them. Whoever heard of environmentally safe crayons??!!


  1. This is very cool, thank you for sharing this website. I will pass it around to my friend and family.

    Of course, people can recycle crayons on their own (and make their own cool shapes and designs). Here's one way to do it: Just Google "recycle crayons" and there's tons of sites with tutorials.

  2. crayola used to sell a 'crayon maker' we had one and used it to make new crayons out of all the broken and chewed pieces. you could also make a "tie dye" crayon by putting different colors in the mold.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just sort all your crayons by general color, i.e. greens, reds, blues, yellows and take the wrappers off. Then place each color in a seperate silicone muffine tin and put in a 200* oven until melted, take out let cool and unmold. These crayons are great for little hands and use up every last bit. You can keep melting old crayon bits with new crayon bits!

  4. Mrs. Cline says:

    You can also do what anon talked about in a cupcake pan!

    Buy a cupcake pan just for crayons (dollar store!), break up your "no good" crayons, and put them in the cupcake spots, and melt them in the oven. We did this at a daycare I worked at and the kids always wanted to color with these circular crayons instead of the regular ones!

  5. We used to melt the crayons down and make candles from them! 🙂

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